Pedicure treatment (30 min.)
Cutting and milling toenails;
Treating ingrown toenails;
The removal of calluses and corns; and
Lubricating the feet to promote blood flow.
Medical treatment
Treatment contains the same as a normal pedicure treatment, but with extra attention and care for e.g. diabetic or rheumatic feet.
Treatment longer than 30 min
e.g. neglected feet, extra charge per 15 min.
Relaxing foot massage
Per 15 min.
Partial Treatment
e.g. 1 ingrown nail, rate is from
3 or more clients at 1 location
Discount per client
Emergency treatment (within 24 hours)


Nail repair per nail
Rate is from
Nail regulation/ brace
Rate is from
Rate is from
Anti-pressure unlocking with felt
Rate is from
Painting nails


Pedicure subscription (practice only):
assure the quality of your feet!
Mid-year pedicure treatment (5 treatments (of 30 min.)
Full Year pedicure treatment (10 treatments (of 30 min.)