Medical pedicure in delft

At Suraj Medical Pedicure in Delft, we offer professional and painless foot care tailored to your specific needs. As licensed medical pedicure specialists, we are committed to the highest quality in foot care, whether you come for routine maintenance or specialized treatments. Visit us to experience how we address your foot problems with care and expertise. Find out for yourself why clients are so satisfied and make an appointment today for the best foot care you deserve.

Foot care in Delft for everyone

In Delft, we are ready to give your feet the care they deserve. Whether you have diabetes, suffer from rheumatism, dementia or just want to pamper your feet, we understand your needs.

Diabetes and foot care

Diabetes can lead to poorly perfused feet and numbness. Small wounds can become a big problem. Our medical pedicures in Delft understand this and are here to keep your feet healthy. And guess what? Our clients love it, read the reviews!

Dementia and foot pain

People with dementia in Delft sometimes move a lot or not at all, which can cause foot problems. Our medical pedicures understand this and can help.

Women and foot problems

Women in Delft often experience foot pain, especially from wearing high heels. Our pedicures can help alleviate these complaints.

Choose foot care in Delft and find out why our clients are so satisfied. Contact us today for professional foot care in Delft. Your feet deserve nothing less than the best!

Suraj Medical Pedicure delft

For all your foot problems you can turn to Suraj Medical Pedicure Delft. We value the profession, quality and customer satisfaction.

As medical pedicurists, we are often the first to spot a foot problem. We provide periodic foot care treatments of healthy, diabetic and rheumatic feet. 

Our team consists of specialized staff members who are continuously educating themselves. As a result, we are always up to date with the latest techniques and other development in foot care.

I have been to many pedicurists but this one is really the best of them all. Go there regularly now and my feet don't bother me at all anymore. And it's a nice woman too!!!
Mubarik hussain khanMubarik hussain khan
18:45 19 Apr 23
Very professional and super sweet. Definitely recommend to others. Was a treatment for my mother. Diabetic pedicure treatment.
13:18 31 Mar 23
Very sweet and skilled woman. I didn't dare go to a pedicurist for years but now I had to. I am glad I went to her. She put me at ease and I left with a very nice result, I was 100% pleased. I will definitely come back to her.
forest zegwaardforest zegwaard
12:17 22 Jan 23
This pedicure is like a garage your car goes to regularly. Afterwards, you both walk a lot nicer again.
Dennis GielesenDennis Gielesen
11:04 04 Nov 22
Very nice skilled woman. Always very nice when feet are callus free again ! Love coming here every 4/5 weeks.
H HartgringH Hartgring
12:15 16 Sep 22
Extremely knowledgeable and reliable.
Jessica SmitsJessica Smits
19:03 09 Aug 22
Super good service, knows what she is doing and is very friendly.
Maris TevredeMaris Tevrede
17:57 06 Jul 22
Me feet smile happily at me, No more calluses and discomfort with walking.Truly a Vak woman
Els BarbierEls Barbier
00:05 18 May 21
Very happy with Suraj. Very precise and professional. Happy feet makes a happy person. Thanks Suraj. Until next time.
Sheyenn de RuiterSheyenn de Ruiter
13:23 08 Aug 23
Visited today and was really relaxing. She is super sweet and you feel really comfortable with her. Bea you are the best!!!
jurgen de ruiterjurgen de ruiter
13:20 08 Aug 23
Great Pedicure!!! Was a threshold to cross for a while, but then Bea is there. She puts you at ease and is very professional. Really recommended!!! Super sweet woman who masters the profession super well!
Daan RooversDaan Roovers
19:26 27 Jul 23
Been 3 times now and my feet have always been taken care of with attention. I experience Bea as a very skilled pedicurist who also succeeds in putting you at ease. Recommended!
Henk van der ZandenHenk van der Zanden
17:49 24 Jul 23
A sweet and very skilled woman.Listened carefully to the problems and acted with great attention and care. Treatment was very pleasant and the feet and nails look beautiful again. An absolute must for foot problems. Also continue to use her expert treatment regularly.
Frans OudemeyersFrans Oudemeyers
17:53 17 Jul 23
Nice lady, is cozy and professional with my feet, very happy with it
Bart Van StraatenBart Van Straaten
17:01 22 Jun 23
I am very happy that I found this Pedicure, Mrs. Suraj is very professional and works excellently, the nail of my big toe is inflamed, but after the first treatment by her I already see improvement. and even now after the second treatment it already looks better, so I wholeheartedly recommend Mrs. Bea Suraj to everyone, and I myself will continue to use her expert treatments for a long time to come.
Mark AustinMark Austin
13:28 15 Dec 22
I have been a regular visitor to Suraj and very pleased with the pedi that she provides. Great service.
Aralogic MediaAralogic Media
13:49 09 Dec 22
A really relaxed and familiar experience. A warm and friendly welcome followed by a professional service..Definitely recommended!!!!
Frank van der pluijmFrank van der pluijm
16:00 16 Nov 22
Very nice treatment and person.Really recommend it to everyone.
Dennis GielesenDennis Gielesen
11:04 04 Nov 22
Very nice professional woman. Always very nice when the feet are callus free again! Please come here every 4/5 weeks.
13:05 19 Oct 22
I visit Bea almost every six weeks. Nice person and very knowledgeable in Pedicure! Can recommend it with full satisfaction!!!
Jessica SmitsJessica Smits
19:03 09 Aug 22
Very helpful, knows what she is doing and is very friendly.
Maris TevredeMaris Tevrede
17:57 06 Jul 22
My feet smile happily at me, No more calluses and discomfort with walking.Really a professional woman